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You may easily get in touch with me by using the above safe contact form.

To get a free quote, please e-mail the file you seek to have translated to and I will soon get back to you.

You may also reach me at the following number: +48 600 567 474.

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Business name & address 

Hanna Juszkiewicz-Corblin - tłumaczenia specjalistyczne, szkolenia językowe

ul. Abrahama 43a
80-307 Gdańsk
EU VAT: PL 5842571243
Tel: +48 600 567 474
Bank account details
IBAN:  PL 10 1240 3536 1978 0010 7067 3873
Name of bank: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna (Bank PEKAO SA)
I also accept payments through PayPal.
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