✔ Drawing on 10+ years of experience working at the intersection of law and language,

    I provide top-notch English ↔ Polish LEGAL TRANSLATIONS

✔ I ensure my clients' communication with their Polish-speaking partners is effective and

    professional, with no legal content lost in translation 

Some of the text types I translate
  • commercial contracts
  • corporate documents
  • business correspondence
  • powers of attorney
  • legal opinions
  • bank documentation
  • financial statements
  • insurance documentation
  • legislation and other regulations
  • official & court-related documentation
  • academic publications
Reasons for working with me
Translations to the highest standard
Solid university background in both Law and Translation Studies, 10+ years of experience, as well as a passion for what I do allow me to meet (and exceed) my clients' expectations.
Legal & linguistic expertise
To ensure equivalence of the legal terms used in the source and the target text, I take into account the relevant legal interpretative rules, appropriate translation strategies, as well as the intended purpose of the text.
Straightforward communication model
You may discuss your expectations and make all the arrangements with me directly. I will also provide you with the necessary feedback and comments on an ongoing basis. No intermediaries means faster information flow and no additional fees. 
Confidentiality and security of your data
I ensure confidentiality of all translated texts. My devices are protected by leading antivirus software. Without your consent, the texts are never disclosed to third parties, including subcontractors. 
No risk involved
My professional activity is covered by a civil liability insurance policy.
Questions? Need a free quote?
I will be happy to learn about your project
and answer any questions you may have.

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What my clients say

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Warsaw, Poland


"Ms Juszkiewicz's tasks required advanced translation skills, fluency in English and in-depth knowledge of the terminology of the European Union"

European Central Bank

Frankurt am Main, Germany

Ms Juszkiewicz successfully coped with urgent assignments and working under time pressure. She performed exceptionally well as a legal translator and consistently maintained high professional standards.

Polish Green Network

Cracow, Poland

"Hanna has demonstrated advanced linguistic skills, as well as commitment and attention to detail. (...) I can recommend her as a very good and reliable translator."

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