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My experience


Some of the documents I have translated to date include:

- contracts, including complex business agreements (e.g. sales contracts, construction works agreements, contract for services, lease agreements, franchise agreements, employment contracts, co-financing agreement, insurance policies, general terms and conditions of purchase of goods, general conditions of supply, non-disclosure agreements);

- corporate documents, including documents of incorporation of commercial companies, resolutions, reports, extracts from registers;

- pleadings (statements of claim, statements of defence and others) and judicial decisions (judgments, orders, orders for payment);

- administrative decisions;

- internal normative acts, e.g. a policy concerning workers mobility of a multinational corporation, a policy governing the purchase of equipment of large airlines;

- legislation, including a number of Polish legal acts on banking and a European Commission's Cohesion Report;

- birth, marriage and death certificates, university diplomas, last wills and testaments, powers of attorney, bank guarantees;

- law firms' websites;

- guides for entrepreneurs on the protection of intellectual property rights;

- terms and conditions of online stores;

- business correspondence, including letters of intent and correspondence related to trade negotiations;

- research papers on energy law and environmental protection;

- legal acts of the European Central Bank on monetary policy, payment and settlement systems, means of payment, financial market stability and banking supervision;

- financial statements and accounting policies;

- companies' monthly reports;

- rating agency's press releases;

- legal opinions and official recommendations on tax issues.




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